After conducting research into the medal table that was previously used at the London Olympics and looking into competitor tables, rough notes and sketches began to take place. Jotting down these ideas was a good starting point for wireframing.

After some initial sketches and idea generation, rough wireframing began in Balsamiq Mockups. Using this tool allowed a focus on structure rather than getting distracted by aesthetic at an early stage. Different approaches could be tried quickly and easily across different device sizes.

After discussion about the best pattern to take forward, experimentation with visual style took place. Many variations were tried in an aim to find the most clear and visually pleasing approach.

The final responsive designs across desktop, tablet and mobile. The user was able to filter medals by country or by sport.

BBC Sport: Winter Olympics Medal Table

I was asked to design the medal tables for the BBC Sport website. My brief was to create a single table that would work successfully across all screens and devices, as well as be re-usable for the many events the BBC covers - Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games, and beyond.

Looking back at the user research of the 2012 Olympics medal tables, we knew that we needed to streamline the module to make it work responsively and easier to digest all the information. The idea was to create a design that would simplify such a huge amount of information - making the data accessible, easy to read and engaging - without overwhelming people or making them dig too deep.

I worked with other colleagues from UX, product, development and editorial on this project.