BBC UX&D: Live Experience

Web & UX

In a bedroom, there is a TV on a stand displaying a mockup of the Red Button+ live player featuring the Men's 200m Individual Medley. The coverage shows four swimmers in a pool. At the forefront of the image, a person's laptop and feet can be seen.
Red Button+ live player on a bedroom TV

The Background

The BBC's connected TV products included Red Button+, a service that extended coverage of live events. Audiences with an internet-connected TV could 'Press Red' to see the other streams and content available.

Although live content was already available through the TV service, navigating through it was challenging. The interface also didn't celebrate the event taking place. It was important to make audiences at home feel as though they were at the event and involved - providing them with a live experience.

The Response

The vision was to create something exciting and adaptable for multi-stream events. It needed to work for Glastonbury, Springwatch, the Olympics - and everything between.

After a number of wireframes, mockups, and user testing, the final outcome was immersive yet easy to navigate. Audiences could access streams, restart coverage, see an upcoming schedule, and look at clips and highlights.

These wireframe sketches offer a preliminary visual depiction of the Red Button+ live user interface, showing different components and interactions. They represent the initial stage of ideation and conceptualisation in the design process.
Early sketched wireframes for the Red Button+ live experience
The map displays a grayscale wireframe illustration of the Red Button+ live journeys. It outlines the layout, navigation, and content sections in a clear and concise manner. The wireframes included also showcase the structural framework of the design, emphasising the placement of elements and overall user experience flow on a connected TV platform.
Detailed journey map indicating how users will navigate from screen to screen
In a living room, there is a TV on a stand displaying a mockup of the Red Button+ live coverage selections for the Olympics. Behind the interface, there is a still of a swimmer in a pool.
Red Button+ live coverage on a living room TV
A TV is mounted on the wall of a living room, showing a mockup of the Red Button+ interface. This interface enables the user to switch their current stream. In the background, there is a still image of six swimmers in a pool.
Additional coverage available to switch to during a live stream