Fight for Kindness


The Background

World Kindness Day takes place in November every year, and aims to promote “the importance of being kind to each other and to the world”.

TypeCampus created the Fight for Kindness project, inviting designers and creatives to submit works. Designs needed to contain a message to encourage empathy, inclusivity, and positivity.

The Response

I produced two separate pieces. One is a digital lettering piece to promote the importance of talking, sharing, and listening to help mental health. The other is an illustration to highlight that everyone needs self-care.

The illustrations were included within a printed publication of entries.

Illustration featuring the words 'Share, Talk, Listen' in lively hand-drawn lettering. The lettering uses a blend of colours, including shades of pink, purple, and yellow against a dark blue background.
Share, Talk, Listen
Vector-style illustration depicting a woman in bed. The duvet cover includes hand-drawn lettering with words such as ‘sleep’, ‘self care’, ‘wellbeing’, ‘sleep’, and ‘mindfulness’. The colours used are vibrant and warm, including shades of pink, purple, orange and yellow.
Self-Care Duvet