UA92 Review of the Year

Graphic Design

A photo of two magazines stacked on top of each other. The front cover of the magazines showcases vibrant colours, bold typography, and geometric patterns. The title 'UA92: Review of the Year' is displayed prominently in a bold sans serif font on a pale grey background. The geometric elements are coloured in hues of red, yellow, purple, and dark grey.
UA92 Review of the Year magazine front cover

The Background

The first edition of the Review of the Year magazine in 2020/21 was used to celebrate and showcase the work of UA92 Media & Journalism students.

Although the target audience was originally aimed at current students, the magazine proved to be a vital tool for different teams around UA92 including Student Recruitment who used the magazine as a discussion point at open days and events.

The Media & Journalism academic team required a new edition of the Review of the Year magazine to showcase student work from 2021/22.

The Response

I ensured that the output had a continuation from the 2020/21 edition of the magazine and a reference to the UA92 Insider student blog brand.

I refreshed the colour palettes and streamlined the use of type and layouts to give a more consistent feel. Accompanying social promotions also included the same design and styling for brand consistency.

A photo of the magazine's contents and photography page, taken at an angle. The page on the left has the contents, with featured elements highlighted in large red squares with white text. The page on the right showcases four lifestyle photography images by Beth Cooper.
UA92 Review of the Year magazine contents and photo page
In the photo, two magazines are stacked on top of each other, with each one displaying a double-page spread. One of the magazines highlights an article entitled 'Manchester's Top 5 Quirky Bars You Must Try' authored by Beth Mclean, written in white font against a vibrant purple background. On the other hand, the other magazine features an article by Jack Ingleby titled 'Hundreds Gather in Parliament Square to Protest Election Bill' with white text on a red background.
Two examples of the magazine's content spreads